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Pick TV (ex Sky Three) have just started to show a re-run of Most Haunted Season 12, known to fans as 'The USA Series'.


It's nearly 4 years since I shot this series and it's brought memories flooding back to me; it was one of the most enjoyable jobs I've done. We started inMost Haunted Team at Waverly Hills, Kentucky, USA Boulder, Colarado (at the Stanley Hotel, inspiration for Stephen King's novel 'The Shining') and moved East before finishing in New York.


It was the second Most Haunted season I'd shot and the 3 1/2 weeks spent living and travelling with the rest of the crew and team for virtually 18 hours a day was an absolutely ball. Some days we stayed in hotels, some days on tour buses.


We visited some amazing locations and saw some sights that tourists would never be lucky enough to see. The highlight has to be the we day spent shooting the title sequence in a low flying helicopter over the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Buidling.


The first thing anyone asks when they know about my work with Most Haunted is the most obvious, 'Is it real?' to which I can safely reply for this series, 'There's certainly some things I can't explain'. Although I was behind the camera the things I witnessed (often off camera) leave me with no doubt that there are some things we just don't yet understand.

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