Additional Lighting
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I understand no two jobs are the same and every shoot presents it's own challenges and technical requirements. In addition to equipment supplied in my 'standard package' I can also source and supply any extra specialist gear that might be required.


Below is a list of equipment I can supply 'in-house', I also have good working relationships with the major rental houses and can source any thing additional I don't already own at competitive prices.




  • 2 x Arri 2KW Fresnels and Stands
  • 4 x Arri 650W Fresnels and Stands
  • 7 x Arri 300W Fresnels and Stands
  • Arri 150W Pepper with Dimmer & Stand
  • Kinoflo Diva Light [Flightcased]
  • 4 Head Dedolight Kit with Transformer, stands and accessories [Flightcased]
  • Dedolight Zoom Projector Lens & Gobos

  • 3 x 2KW Dimmers
  • 2KW Flicker Effect Dimmer


  • 200W HMI c/w Ballast and Stand [Flightcased]
  • 575W HMI c/w Ballast and Stand [Flightcased]
  • 1.2KW HMI c/w Ballast and Stand [Flightcased]


  • Litepanel LED Battery On Board Camera Light [Flightcased]
  • 4ft 'Aladdin' Flexible Bi Colour LED [Cased]
  • 3 x Bi Colour (Tungsten/Daylight) LED Panel Lights [Cased]


  • 5 x Wide Angle LED Infra Red Lights (With Battery Packs) [Flightcased]
  • 4 x Standard LED Infra Red Lights (With Mains Adapters) [Flightcased]
  • 2 x LED Infra Red Flood Lights (With Mains Adapters) [Flightcased]


  • Jem Smoke Machine (inc. 250ml fluid)
  • Anytronics Superstar Strobe, Slave Head & Remote Control Unit (250W / 1-20fps)
  • Martin 250W Flame Effect Projector
  • 4ft, 40W Ultra Violet (Blacklight) Tubes


  • 7' x 6' Lastolite Chroma Key Blue Backdrop
  • 6 x 3 metre Chroma Key Green Background With Goalpost & Frame
  • 3 x 3 metre Chroma Key Green Background
  • 3 x 3 metre Black / White Background With Goalpost & Frame
  • 2x Manfrotto Wind Up Stand (3.7m max height)
  • Manfrotto 12' x 12' Butterfly Frame + 1/2 Silk, Full Silk and Black

  • 2.2m Goal Posts With White Backdrop Material

  • 3x Manfrotto Polecats


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