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I have a real passion for learning and travel and have been very fortunate over the years to work on some high end documentaries.


I bond well with contributors and always show an interest in their work and am often asked to shoot principle photography on entire series which can sometimes take me around the world. This also enables a production to ensure seamless crew continuity, which aside from keeping the look and style of the programme can also help greatly in presenter and contributor confidence.



  • 'Mighty Ships' (Discovery Channel)
    Director of Photography on an episode of the flagship Discovery documentary series.
  • Daily Planet (Discovery Channel)
    Director Of Photography for inserts to this popular Canadian/USA magazine show.
  • Isle Of Man TT Documentary (ITV)
    Documentary following the life and career of Ian 'Hutchy'' Hutchinson.
  • Lethal Legacy (National Geographic) 
    Camera Operator - 3 weeks on location in the minefields of Southern Lebanon.
  • Extraordinary People (Channel 5)
    'The Woman With Giant Legs' Shot on location in Lancashire this documentary followed Mandy Sellers, a sufferer of the rare Proteus Syndrome.
  • Omnibus (BBC)
    András Schiff celebrates the life and work of the Polish composer Chopin. Shot in UK, France and Poland.
  • South Bank Show (ITV1)
    ITV's flagship arts show exploring the life and career of Paul Merton.
  • The Miracles Of Jesus (BBC / Discovery)
    A modern day illusionist attempts to recreate the miracles of Bible times, 4 week location shoot in America.



  • Change Your Tune (ITV)
    Lighting Cameraman on the VT back story inserts.
  • CBeebie Christmas Panto (BBC)
    Camera Operator on the ever-popular Christmas Pantomime for the BBC, pulling 1.5 million viewers.
  • Mister Maker Comes To Town (BBC)
    Main unit on first season, and the first time Mister Maker has left the studio for location shoots!
  • Most Haunted Series (Sky Living) 
    Director Of Photography on Seasons 11-14 & Camera Supervisor on The Live Series. Shot in UK and USA.
  • Wayne Rooney Street Striker (Sky One)
    DoP on VFX Title Sequence, Additional Camera Operator on series.
  • Most Haunted Live (Sky Living / Travel Channel) 
    OB Camera Supervisor covering 7 major lives in UK, USA and Czech Republic.
  • Snog Marry Avoid (Endemol Production for BBC)
    Studio Camera Operator
  • Ghost Hunting With... (ITV2) 
    Director of Photography on 11 episodes over 5 years. Shot in UK and Italy.
  • Celebrity Parents SOS (Sky One)
    Shot full series around the UK of this DIY programme with a Celebrity Parent twist.
  • Songs Of Praise (BBC)
    Various programes and inserts shot around the UK.
  • ‘Most Haunted Christmas Spirits’ (Lionsgate)
    Episode of the cult Sky shot shot for DVD release over Christmas, was Top 10 for 6 weeks.
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