Drama/Feature film
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Drama productions impose their own strict etiquette and disaplines. They constantly strive to meet the high standard for which British drama is renowned throughout the world.


Over the years I have shot many hours of high rating popular drama series and am thankful for the wealth of knowledge I gained and continue to use in my work today.


film strip drama

Television Drama

  • 'Mark's Brilliant Blog’ (Hat Trick Productions for BBC3)
    Director Of Photography on full series produced for BBC3
  • 'Shameless' [2nd Unit] (Company Productions for Channel 4)
    2nd unit on various series of this cult comedy.
  • 'The League Of Gentlemen' [Series III] [2nd Unit] (BBC Entertainment)
    Worked 2nd unit on Season III and shot title sequence.
  • 'Phoenix Nights' [Series I] [2nd Unit] (Ovation Entertainment for Channel 4)
    2nd unit on the first series of this cult comedy.
  • 'Ancient Evidence' (BBC/Discovery Co-production)
    6 weeks on location in Morocco, drama reconstructions.
  • 'Titanic - Birth Of A Legend' (Granada TV for ITV/Discovery)
    Camera operator on major drama for the ITV network & Discovery.
  • 'Merseybeat' [Series II, III & IV] [2nd Unit] (BBC Entertainment)
    Supplied equipment and services for 3 seasons of this popular police drama.
  • 'Linda Green' [Series I & II] [2nd Unit] (Red Productions for BBC)
    2nd unit on extra camera days.
  • 'Playing The Field' [Series V] (Tiger Aspect Productions for BBC)
    Supplied all cameras and lens and worked 2nd unit on the final series.


Feature Films / DVDs

  • 'Paddington II' [VFX Unit, Time-lapse DOP] (Studio Canal 35mm Feature)
  • '24 Hour Party People' [2nd Unit] (24 hour Productions Ltd. 35mm Feature)
  • 'There's Only One Jimmy Grimble' [2nd Unit] (Jimmy Grimble Ltd. 35mm Feature)
  • 'Parole Officer' (Parole Productions Ltd. 35mm Feature)
  • 'Manchester United - Beyond The Promised Land' (Bombo Productions) 
    16mm Feature Film, Official Manchester United DVD release.
  • ‘Most Haunted Christmas Spirits’ (Lionsgate)
    Episode of the cult Sky shot shot for DVD release over Christmas, was Top 10 for 6 weeks.


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