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Well after 5 months planning and hard work, it's finally here... my new site 'Race It Home'.

It combines my love of travel and photography and is an easy way to fill your friend's fridge doors with good old fashioned physical postcards.


I originally got the idea for this website after completing a video call while on location on a sleeper train in the arse end of China. I began to wonder if the power of the internet could be used to shorten the length of a postcards journey and make sending postcards not only quicker but also more convenient for the sender and cheaper.


The idea sat on the back burner for some time. I started to plan the site and how it would work in December 2011 and coding and design started in January 2012. We finally launched it in May 2012 and already our printing station is sending hundreds of postcards a day!


Visit the site and you can trial it for free. Simply upload a photo, type a message and enter a friends address and we'll do the rest. Within 3 minutes (yes I timed it!) the postcard is printing in a UK printing station and it's popped into the UK postal system the next evening.


You can visit the site at: http://www.RaceItHome.com/

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