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 Glass Block DreamsWhat a week. All I can see is glass blocks. Lots of them.


Kitchen becomes a studio for the week.


I was recently asked if I was able to photograph glass blocks for a new website and brochure as the owner was struggling with reflections and was unable to demonstrate the textures of the glass block (on his camera phone!).


Always wanting a challenge, we setup a 'studio' in my kitchen and I began the task of lighting each and every block. Each and every block had to be tweaked as the different textures and finishes each present their own issues.


The client also wanted to demonstate 'opacity'... how much you can see through each block. After a long hard think, I had the bright idea of shooting an option of each block with a rubber duck sat behind.


It worked great and the client was over the moon... but now I'm dreaming of glass blocks!



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