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Well here it is... and not before time. It's only been 5 years in the making: my new freelance website! Thanks so much to Andrew for all his patience and coding, We started work on this last August and it should have taken a fortnight but ended up taking 8 months... He has the patience of a Saint!


This site is to promote my work as a freelance Director Of Photography. On here you can check my recent work, my background, my diary and some examples of my work.


I took the descision to add some still images to this website, I've had many Commissions for my stills work this last few years and I shoot most images either RAW or HDR which gives some amazing results. A selection is viewable on my portfolio page.


I've also been told by my internet gurus that I have to have a 'Blog'. I've no idea what people write in them and words aren't my strong point (give me numbers any day!) but I'll try my best to keep this news type feature as up to date as possible with my work, life and travels.


I've also redesigned my 'logo' which you'll start to see on my new letterheads and business cards. I hope you like it and I welcome your comments and suggestions!



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